Course Overview

This training was a project of Equation Campaign and Polluters Out, an international coalition of youth activists demanding that “polluters get out of indigenous lands, world governments, and discussions at COP 26.” When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the coalition wanted to use their time to learn what they can’t learn in school: how to confront the climate crisis by confronting fossil fuel corporations and getting them out of the way.

Update (2023): An adapted version of the original course below is now accredited by Arizona State University's Thunderbird School of Management. To sign-up, visit the ASU course website and use the code "climatejustice100" to gain access to a 100% tuition-free, accredited course.

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*Note: The 2023 version of this course is called "Towards Climate Justice" on ASU's website.

1. Why Are We Here?

Drawing on the experience of Bobby Peek’s work on climate justice in South Africa, Polluters Out leaders connect to what motivates them deep down and the values that must drive their movement, articulate what kinds of changes they want to see, and analyze how to get there.
1hr 30min

2. Climate 201

This class covers advanced fundamentals of climate science, economics and politics, including: -Summary of IPCC report -Impacts on oceans -Impacts on agriculture and land -Impact on coasts -Impacts of wildlife -Impact on fresh water, human population and migration -The role of soil, forests and carbon sinks -The status of renewables, clean energy and their potential
1hr 2min

3. The Intergovernmental System and the UNFCCC

A history and overview of the multilateral system, where the Climate Convention fits in, whose interests it’s designed to serve and how to interact with the process.
1hr 12min

4. Do The Math

This class focuses on the key role of confronting fossil fuel production. If you look at the carbon budget, and Do the Math, you will find that you must stop fossil fuel supplies and “Keep It In The Ground”.
1hr 6min

5. The Price Of Oil

Know thyself, know thy enemy. This class will provide an overview of the oil and gas industry, its impacts beyond climate, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

6. Corporate Campaigning

What is a campaign? What is a corporation? What is a corporate campaign? Lots of groups talk about it. This class will explore how to do it. Bonus: A quick history of Corporate Greenwash and how to expose and fight it in the climate context.

7. Greatest Actions of All Time

It’s time for some inspiration! We’ll gather up some of the most effective and creative actions ever done and analyze why they were so good.

8. Follow the Money

Matt’s relatives at Standing Rock in North Dakota helped start the mass resistance to the ETP pipeline. From his home in Seattle he helped lead a successful divestment campaign with roots back in Standing Rock. Hear how it happened. And there’s more: Loan guarantees, subsidies, project financing, divestment, investment….the world of finance is behind the industry of fossil fuels. But that won’t last forever.

9. See You In Court

This class will cover the many options and roles of strategic litigation in confronting fossil fuel power and advancing climate justice, provide an overview of existing legal strategies and cases in the climate litigation context, and the role for movements and strategic campaigning to maximize the power and impact of legal action.

10. Climate Justice

All Climate Justice work is climate work, but not all climate work is climate justice work. This class will take a deep dive on the meaning of climate justice in the context of worldwide movements for justice.
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Towards a fossil free world.

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