Meenakshi “Meena” Raman is the President of Sahabat Alam Malaysia, Legal Advisor to Consumers Association of Penang and Coordinator of Third World Network’s Climate Change Programme. Meena practiced public interest law for over 25 years, representing grassroots communities taking on big corporations in Malaysia. She was a co-founder of Environmental Lawyers Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) and Chair of Friends of the Earth International, which has 72 member groups around the world. Meena served as an “Active Observer: of the Green Climate Fund from 2012 to 2015, and has actively participated in the UNFCCC negotiations since 2007.


3. The Intergovernmental System and the UNFCCC

A history and overview of the multilateral system, where the Climate Convention fits in, whose interests it’s designed to serve and how to interact with the process.
Meena Raman
1hr 12min