The time is now.

A school of thought and a school for action. Action to get polluters out of government, out of indigenous lands, out of our future, out of our lives!


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What is Fossil Free University?

FFU is a 12 week training course for climate justice activists around the world who want to channel the power of the youth movement to the source of the climate crisis. Created by #pollutersout, FFU teaches how to be a climate justice leader and fight the fossil fuel industry.

An all-star faculty lead classes from the science of the climate crisis to the tenets of being an effective activist, including how to Follow the Money, Expose the False Solutions, Find Your Movement, Hold the Industry Accountable, and Campaign Against Corporate Rule and for Climate Justice.

Graduates gain a new understanding, new skills and a new network of mentors and colleagues to be effective “Fossil Freedom Fighters” for the long fight ahead.

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Join the fossil free movement.

We believe that protest, action, and collective organizing with frontline communities will keep fossil fuels in the ground.

"I’m so happy to be here - we’ve never had climate education… at least, in my city it’s non-existent."

Disha - FFU Student