Jamie Henn is the director of Fossil Free Media, a non-profit media lab that supports the movement to end fossil fuels. He also leads communications for the Stop the Money Pipeline campaign which is working to end the financing of climate destruction. Before starting Fossil Free Media, Jamie was the co-founder and strategic communications director for 350.org, an international climate campaign. With 350.org, he helped coordinate the Global Climate Strikes, the People's Climate Marches, the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline, the ExxonKnew campaign, the global fossil fuel divestment campaign, and numerous international days of climate action. He also led 350.org's work at the UN Climate Talks for over 10 years. Jamie is the co-author of Fight Global Warming Now and has written for The Nation, Common Dreams, The Guardian, MSNBC, Truthout, Grist, and more. Jamie lives in Salt Lake City, UT and when he's not in front of a laptop you can find him out in the mountains or somewhere getting lost in the desert.


4. Do The Math

This class focuses on the key role of confronting fossil fuel production. If you look at the carbon budget, and Do the Math, you will find that you must stop fossil fuel supplies and “Keep It In The Ground”.
Jamie Henn
1hr 6min