Bobby Peek

Bobby Peek is director of groundWork, a nonprofit environmental justice and developmental organization working primarily in South Africa, but increasingly in Southern Africa. They seek to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people through assisting civil society to have a greater impact on environmental governance. groundWork helps to empower community groups and connects them with national and international campaigns and processes. They also work to promote the expression of environmental concerns of these communities and to find equitable solutions to pressing issues.

Peek has received international recognition for his campaigning work in South Africa’s South Durban basin around toxic industry and waste issues. He has also been active in campaigning locally and internationally against Thor Chemcials, Inc., a British company who has been accused of poisoning workers and putting surrounding communities at risk from mercury exposure. Peek is a recipient of the prestigious Goldman Foundation award and has been invited to present papers in local, government and international fora.


1. Why Are We Here?

Drawing on the experience of Bobby Peek’s work on climate justice in South Africa, Polluters Out leaders connect to what motivates them deep down and the values that must drive their movement, articulate what kinds of changes they want to see, and analyze how to get there.
Bobby Peek
1hr 30min